Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Year two, day one

I made my way to the office this morning the old-fashioned way. Took the normal route and got stuck in the rush hour for an hour - which is pretty much the norm these days. To
get from USJ 26 to Section 16 in Petaling Jaya, it takes nearly one and a-half hours if I leave my home before
07:00am. Any later than that would be a disaster. Today also marks year two of my employment at The Star. So far, I have
learned a lot in terms of co-managing my section. I've been given the daily task to select stories for publication and present the dummy pages during the late
evening meeting.Way I see it, these are the daily routines unless I am doing the regional pages for Metro South and East. The
hours are long and if the execution of my plans are made according the schedule, I can enjoy my off days without
carrying the burden of work.This may be a tough year as it seems, but come what may, I'll have to weather it out. My significant half is also
very busy preparing herself for a few overseas trip.The only break I can look forward to this year: is the Suspect's Gathering in Vegas, US. Hopefully, it will bear
fruits because I have yet to apply for my travel visa to the States.
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