Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Full circle

One year ago today, I started a new lease of life.I put behind 15-years of employment in Malaysia's oldest newspaper to join the winning team.
My decision was influenced by: poor management, racism and zero growth. I also found that mangers that were hired to run the former workplace were fond of victimising people who actually work and contribute to the growth of the company. Sad but true.
Apart from that, the corruption bid was also way over the top. I see managers sending their favourite employees on overseas jobs and claiming exhorbitant allowances where they worked in cahoot to score the loot.
Other than that, some favourable employees were actually doing outside job for their bosses on company time.
It took me a while to realise this but when it came to my senses, it was too late. I was forced into starting up a section and was given two deadbeat co-workers for the task.
And in the blame-game, I became a statistic. So, having given it much thought, I decided that it was best to leave.
After I tendered my resignation, no one from the management side actually bothered to ask what were the reasons of my departure. That was how badly the situation was managed.
I took my stride and worked till my last day. The folks who were at help were oblivious to that. No farewell parties, no speeches. Just a clean break.
At my present workplace, my hope was to carry on with my trade. And for the last 365 days, I survived.
In my years as an employee, the fact that you can never put a good man down is a reality. To reap the seeds you so, you have to tend the fields diligently.
The greatest honour for me, is acceptance and full cooperation from my co-workers. I found that the present set up is highly professional in achieving their goals and the best part of all - are the
rewards given in the form of bonuses and ex-gratias.
At 40, I still have 15 years to serve and with the great vibes given, I will see to it that I perform at my level-best.
After one year, I have gotten over the neglect, oppression, double-standards, bigotry and cronysm at the old workplace. To those who are still finding their bearings over there, I simply wish them the best of luck...
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