Saturday, February 14, 2009

116 years heritage site...

Kuala Lumpur's oldest public school - sponsored by towkays and businessmen in the turn of the century, is now 116 years old and counting. 
And on Feb 14, the Government had declared it as a heritage site. Phew! Originally built at Jalan Bandar, the Victoria Institution was relocated to Jalan Hang Tuah.
There, it stood through the ravages of time. This school saw the surrender of the Imperial Japanese Army at the end of World War II and is the alma mater to many statesman and corporate leaders. 
Well, if you dig deeper, scums and tyrants included. I studied here for five years in my teenagehood and the best years of my life was spent there. 
Although I did not ideally turned out to be what my family had expected, me education continues till today.
In this school, I made some good friends. To me, the building is just a monument. Its the teachers and the pupils that made it great. 
A small percentage of the kids here had done very well while the vast population that went through the gates of KL's oldest public secondary school are still searching for their big break.
Well, many of the old boys from Victoria Instition are proud of their heritage. Why not? The school is steeped in tradition and each time there is an opportunity to round up the old geezers, its either self indulgence in ego trips or mutual mental masturbation. 
I for one, had never associated myself with the old boy's association or any of its alma mater activities. 
I scoff at the sight of pretentious people and fake cammaraderie. That said, all the best VI!
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