Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another long day...

The coonster riding shotgun

Me and the coonster...

I laid out the plan for today and three things had to be done. 
First, a visit to my aunt Lorraine's at Setapak. I fixed the timing and told her that I am bringing the kidz over for lunch.
With that confirmed, I made my way to my old house which took about 25-minutes on the road.
My kidz are really excited about the car ride and when I got to my aunt's place, there were a lot to catch up.
I left Setapak at 2pm and shot straight home to drop off the dogs and head straight to the supermarket to get some veges and meat for dinner.
Tonite, we had wantan soup and stir-fried pak choy with siew yuk. There's also some curry chicken leftovers.
Tomorrow, well, tomorrow is another day..  
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