Sunday, February 22, 2009

In the company of friends, came some snobs..

Aaah! What a weekend! I caught up with some old friends last night at a dinner in the city. And right there on the guest list, were some
folks from the website Malaysia Insider.They were no strangers, as a matter of fact - ex-colleagues of mine from the New Straits Times. What annoyed
me was the fact that I welcomed one of the dinner guest who was my ex-boss.She walked past me and my wife with attitude and behaved as if we did not exist. This kinda confirmed my
conclusion that people change and when they are affiliated to a certain hand that feeds them, you are 'ejected'
from their life.Well, no love lost. I found the said person to be more stuck-up than ever and since I only see her once in a few
years or never, the best course of action is to move on with life.My loss, their gain. Anyway, the food was allright, and it was a treat from the restaurant owner for media folks
who supported him.Strange thing was this 'food critic' who brought nine guests to fill up the dining table. As far as I am concerned,
she was the same obnoxious bitch that gave hell to many people while she was at the NST.Retired, she now writes for the website. Again, no love loss. I guess that in the course of my life, I will come
across more folks like that. Well, hopefully, they won't get into my nerves.
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