Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Naked ambition

When you are a personality in the public eye, you must be accountable for your actions.This goes beyond your 12-hours of work. Strange as it seems, people then do have knack for scandals and in a recent development, a female politician came under the microscope for her alleged 'indecent' photos.Way I see it, her private stash of naughty photos was made a public finding. She came out of it in shreds and was seen weeping like an old lady.If seasoned pro in the business would have been going through the same situation, I bet it would make him or her more famous.Take our former Health Minister for an example. He was secretly taped doing the wild thing and at the end of it, admitted to it and walked out. He made a comeback and we Malaysians, have forgotten about his misadventures. He got away with it and the to part that most people would forgive - is the fact that he came forth without denying about it.Sex scandals are not new in the political scene. People should not judge their community leader by how they screw in the bedroom.If the woman is a useless bugger who is good for nothing except for showing her nasty bits, then those who voted her into office are the ones who are regretful...
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