Monday, February 23, 2009

Sympathy for the devil

In a superficial society, people often associate success and prominence with power and position.And once all that is yanked away under your feet, you are left with nothing. Which is why some folks who were in
power and rank found it so hard to let go.This is an ego trip and when you are in the 'inner circle', the benefits in terms of business contacts and
association with the powers that be comes into full swing.When you are right on top of the food chain, things like money, women, drugs, booze and expensive toys comes
easily.You have an entourage of cocksuckers tailing you and giving hymns and praise freely. In short, you are God. In
the course of my life, I have seen people rise and fall. The higher they hit, the harder they fall. And when they lead, everyone looked up to them. They get freebies, favours, even false courtesy from the
doorman that greets them everyday.But life as it is, is harsh. And as Sir Isaac Newton would put it: "Everything that goes up, must come down". The
gravity of the whole issue is that if you feed on power and greed, the journey to oblivion is inevitable.I can say this when I observed the life and times of some former media bigwigs. When they came into power,
they surround themselves with cronies and share the loot.As time is a thief, these folks too became victims of their own misgivings. After leaving the fraternity, all the perks
came to a grinding halt.People no longer call you to attend functions or even send you a greeting card during festivals. The kissasses
will move on to the next honcho. That's the vicious cycle in the lifespan of a corporate leader.Well that said, I admire some of the good guys who leave their profession with dignity and integrity. But seeing
as it is, in a world that is ruled by greed and malice, its very hard to find a good leader who is honest and
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