Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Food bachelor

The Asian Food Channel on Astro is kinda like a sucker punch to our local food programme. 
Its crammed with sackloads of Singaporean-made series and one of the most disgusting slot I've come across is the 'Food Bachelor'.
Technically speaking, its one of the worse programmes depicting good looking boys as sissies in the kitchen. 
It may be good TV for some madam shopping for a toyboy, but the way I see it, its marketing for the channel and well, the word 'bachelor' itself has been overly abused in the context.
I see pretty boys, mostly picked for their screen presence and some photogenic qualities to attract more womenfolk to watch the programme.
And man, those guys can't even cook a packet of instant noodles to save themselves. While the producers maintained a mix of guys - mostly above average in the looks department - to keep the show going, I see mostly faggy guys. 
One of the faggiest dude was shown as a 'successful executive'. His intro showed him driving a sports car and making his way to the restaurant where a house chef was already waiting.
Now, bachelor or not, that faggy bugger is eigther a drug dealer or some man-pimp. Five minutes into the programme, I flicked the channel button. 
I prefer watching Andrew Zimmern in 'bizzare food' rather than 'Food bachelor' and well, frankly, if they can survive another season, its good TV baby! 
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