Monday, February 23, 2009

There goes 12 hours..

Time surely flies!
Started my day at 05:30 this morning and well, kinda waited till 06:50 before I hit the road. With the morning rush, it took me about 1:15:00 hrs to get to the office. 
That's routine cos I spend an hour everyday stuck on the road. And there was a near collission at USJ 4. Some shithead made a sudden turn and I braked just in time.
Had salad and a sandwich for breakfast at the office canteen. Since I went off rice, I lost about three kilogrammes.
The greens also helped my bowel movement. I had plenty of turd to flush down the outhouse. Anyways, my day went down smooth when I closed my pages at 2:00pm.
There were other office chores on sight and I managed it in the nick of time. As the working hour ends, I started my daily migration back to the house.
It rain and well, when I got to the gate, my gurl was soggy and smelly. The boy, on the other hand, was okay.
Watched the Oscars on TV and I guess the instant noodles are giving me some indigestion... The tummy's bloated and full of gas.. Sigh! Oh well, tomorrow begins now.. Two more days before I break on Thursday..
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