Monday, February 2, 2009

Phat guy..

It's official. I am an obese person. Went to the clinic to get my monthly fix and during the weigh-in session (done
quarterly), I am at 105kgs.I gained 10kgs since last year when I weighed in at 95kgs. According to the BMI (body mass index), I am grossly
obese. No joke about that. So, my physician told me to reduce weight. My blood pressure reading was at 130/90. The systolic reading
indicated health problems arising from weight gain. I told my doctor that its not an easy thing to manage since I write about food. "Yeah, I know.", she acknowledged.
I need to shed at least 5kgs to reduce my blood pressure readings to 130/80, which is an ideal setting for a
40-year-old fat guy. That said, less rice, can eat some meat and more veggies. Aiya!!!!
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