Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dug in and sittin' tight...

I had the day to myself and no desire to step out of the comfort of my home.
The dogs were excited in the morning and browled me to put on their harness for their usual morning walk.
So, I obliged and did the usual 15-minute loop around USJ 27 & 26. When we reached the corner of the neighbourhood, I caught a steely stare from an Indian muslim man who was manning his garden. 
Some months back, the guy made a remark and warned me not to let the dogs poop in his yard. I think he's a crazy old bugger who needs a good facial reconstruction with my fist. 
Anyways, as we reached the guardhouse, I can see the mad morning hour rush to work. I am glad to be away from that and when we made our final approach to our gate, the contractors who were working on renovating my neighbour's home had just arrived.
They took months to do up the home and frankly speaking, these are the worst construction people on earth. 
Why? They painted the house during rainy season which goes to say that they are brainless. Nevermind the builders, I can't wait to see the new neighbour.
As the dogs settled in from the morning heat, I fixed my breakfast. Today, I had oats only. For dinner, I cooked pasta in chicken soup. 
Then, came the 9pm slot where I watched the iditarod race which was shot last year. It was a good programme but the advertising bit was irritating.
Tomorrow, I'll take the dogs for a drive to my aunt's place in Setapak. Will spend half the day there and well, hope for the best..
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