Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Time ravages on even when you are not concerned about it. I am on my annual leave till Friday and I found that each hour, minut and second passes by really quickly.
First order of the day, was to get an early lunch. This, I found at USJ 6. I went to Q'-up coffee shop for a bowl of fish head noodles.
When I got there, I noticed the owner Mr Ang who was talking to a customer. One prominent thing at the eating place was missing. 
The lady selling wantan noodles, it seems, was out of there. I asked an Indonesian woman who served me drinks where she went and her answer was: "Tidak tahu" (I don't know).
My guess was there has been a clash between Ang and the owner. That said, the store was gone. 
I saw a banner in Chinese a few doors away from his shop. Maybe that's where the stall had shifted.
Later, I went to Nick Ooi's tacklestore in SS15. I needed to get some hooks and swivels for tomorrow's fishing trip.
There, I met this funny dude who told me that knives that rust are good knives. After leaving the tacklestore, I went to get some dog food.
From ss15, I drove to the Giant hypermart in Putra Heights to post a parcel. After getting some groceries, I noticed that I had completely forgotten about the basic ingredients for cooking.
I missed out the garlic and small onions. For that, I made another trip to Jusco at IOI mall in Puchong.
When I rounded up all the essentials, it started to pour like mad. That said, half the day was gone.
For dinner, I made cabbage soup with pork and pork meatballs. And to liven up the day a bit, I am stir-frying some pak choy with shrimps.
Looks like its going to be a light evening cos tomorrow, I am gonna hit the road and join some buddies in Karak, Pahang.
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