Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eastern promises

I had a day off yesterday and well, time really flies! The first half of the day was spent on organising the home laundry, then walking the dogs and doing some
errants. I had two packages to send out and by the time I got home, it was past 03:00pm. Since I am still recovering from
a chest infection, I had to sleep it off and the afternoon nap did come as a great convenience.Before I left the house to run my errants, I had a small chat with a contractor who was renovating my neighbour's
house. Seems that the paintjob that he was carrying out really sucked. The painter had painted across our boundary and
when I approached the man, a Chinese contractor in his mid-50s, he wasn't pleased.Instead of acknowledging the fact, he put on a fuck face and insisted that what he had done was right. Debris
and dirt from the construction had been washed down by rain and now, the drain is filled with sand and dirt.He said this was normal and it happens everywhere. What I heard, was the lame excuse from a lazy
motherfucking contractor. And my soon-to-be new neighbour was no big help either. I found that this moron is mentally retarded. When he
used to visit his mother at the house, he parked his vehicle right across our front gate, obstructing our passage.I don't want to confrontational on this matter and from what his next door neighbour has done, I can see that
nobody likes him.Well, the only saving grace for the day, was some good TV time. On the HBO channel, 'Eastern Promises' with
Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts.I am a big fan of Mortenson and found that the flick was worth my full two hours. Its a story about a midwife and
the Russian mafia in London.Love the plot and director David Cronenberg did a good job with the flow and ending of the flick. Mortensen
played a convicing Russian mob henchman who is actually an undercover agent infiltrating the vory v zakone. For his effort, Mortensen was nominated for an Academy Award. This is a good flick and if you love those heavy
drama stuff - I highly recommend it..
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