Thursday, January 8, 2009

And so, the food trail concludes..

The kolok mee from Tea Time cafe in Taman Megah

A collapsible bowl similar to this - was my score today!

For this month that is...Ah, I've reached the end of my food trail. Travelled to Taman Megah in PJ to check out a Sarawak 'kolok
mee' stall at Tea Time Cafe near the old Lim Kok Wing University.Didn't take me long to locate the shop and well, I found it to be rather filthy cos the food handlers there
wash their utensils and bowls on top of a monsoon drain cover.Dirt and filth aside, I checked out the stall and ordered a plate of kolok mee. The bill came up to RM4.80,
which is rather okay by city standards.Later, I moved to Taman Megah's SS24/8 and checked out another coffee shop. Unfortunately, the couple
who sells kolok mee here was not around. Their stall was closed.So, I walked down to Pro Bike bicycle shop owned by Tan Boon Foo. Saw the owner there and asked
about the Thule roof rack for my Perodua MyVi. He told me that it can only be bought from Perodua. Motherfuckers! The car manufacturer is monopolising
the trade of car accessories. From a price of RM750 including the rack's aerobar, I guess those fucking bloodsuckers from Perodua will
jack it up to RM1K a set.Nevermind. Fuck Perodua. With the slight upset, I went to check out a pet store located opposite Boon
Foo's place.There, I found a bargain. I bought a pair of travel doggy bowls for RM14.50. That's 50% off and two for the
price of one! The find had lit up my day.So far, it has been a good outing. Next, I plan to set up a food trail to Seremban and Klang.

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