Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Delete, block and mark as spam..

Some people, in not so many words, just fucks up your day...
And just when I thought it was safe to take calls, the troll struck again! This time, an irritated woman was on the end of the line.
She reffered to a story which was published in Nov 29 last year about an ex-footballer. I don't know heads or tails about it.
The lady asked me why her email was not answered because she had made a collection to donate to the said soccer player.
Still, I had no idea what she was talking about. Her tone became even more aggressive when I told her that I have to locate the story and get more information as to who actually wrote it.
"You just want to wash your hands. You don't care. You are not committed.", she said. Now, that was a sarcastic remark and a hit below the belt.
Why should I be accountable at the first place? Then she said the desk people were not diligent in checking their emails.
"Why put the email there at the first place?".I found the story and there was no mention at all on a call for public donation.
This lady took matter into her own hands to collect money. No one told her to do so. She said she is frustrated because no one responded to her for more than a month.
At the first place, the story was about a charity soccer match in aid of the ex-footballer's ailing child.There were no mention about soliciting public funds. So, why did she jumped into the conclusion that Star Metro is asking for money? Again, I have no idea as to why she had gone out of the way to collect money.
First of all, its a stupid thing to do. Without a heads or tails and any lead as to who the money should be forwarded to.
I took some effort to help her and ask if she could give her phone number so that the reporter could contact her for the next move."Are you going to do this now? Or make me wait?", she asked. I told her that she shouldn't brush me aside and that I had gone all out to help.
"I want to talk to your manager...", she responded. So, naturally, I told her to do so. Later, my boss picked up the call and handled the bitch.
This goes to say that some folks want to be charitable, but they just don't know how to do it and when they get frustrated, they take it out on a stranger at the end of the line.
That said, these are the kind of wierdos and psychos that I have to deal with EVERDAY on the phone.
And to add fuel to the already raging fire, a super retard called Calvin Lim, my favourite character from Life LongLearning pain experience called. My troll experience for the day is COMPLETE...

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