Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Be kind, re-use...

A scene at 'Q-up' coffee shop in USJ 6

Today is my second day on the food trail. I am happy to report that the advertising deal on my page is nearing its final process.
The food manufacturer is signing a deal with The Star to buy a page every week till the end of the year.
My work is generating revenue. As far as content materials are concerned, it is impossible to cover every ground. 
I relied heavily on my experience and feedback from friends to check out the places for food stuff and when photographs are concerned, I have a small repository of images saved for years.
This came in handy as unused food pictures can be selected as part of the article's materials. 
Sadly, I lost a fair bit of it when my external hardisk crashed. Some eight months of work stored there were lost entirely.
That said, I will have to work harder to back up the digital images with redundant storage devices. 

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