Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moronic parents..

Waking up this morning seemed to be the hardest thing to do. Nevertheless, I managed to haul my aching
body from the bed and prepared myself for work.The drive was smooth, and well, there's some really light stuff for me at work, so, the rest of the day was
rather relaxing.My thigh and knee are aching from yesterday morning's hike to Broga Hill. And the fact that there was a
heavy beer drinking session later that night didn't helped.Michelle and I attended a gathering in a restaurant in SS2 last night. I had the pleasure of meeting an old
friend and others who went to school with me. There were others there too, I didn't much attention to them solely because a few of them were But some of their kids are totally way off the rocks. One of them should be put on a leash. Apart from that,
their parents are irritating as well.There's this moronic lawyer who reprimanded me for making a remark on his kid, I couldn't care less. I felt
that his kid needs a whooping for bullying the others.Mannerism aside, I think my kidz are better behaved than the boy. It was as if he was raised in the zoo.
Anyways, I can look forward to an easy evening. Hoping to return home and have a meal with my wife. Tomorrow will be another day...

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