Sunday, January 18, 2009

A question of timing..

Things kinda went fast-forward today. My paycheck came in early. Seeing as it is, I was already running on
empty. My reserve cash was enough to take me through the week.And since our plan to head North has been confirmed, I went to Perodua to book my roof rack and box. During
lunch, I drove to their service facility at Glenmarie, Shah Alam.When I got there, a clerk took my order and was informed before hand that I was coming. The package price for
the roof mounted rack and box was RM2.8k and I see this as a long-term investment.There will be plenty of adventures ahead with the MyVi. Anyways, I asked about the box and which model are
they selling. Little did I know, there was already a poster mounted on the service centre's wall. They are selling a Thule Pacific
100 roof box. Another shop quoted me RM2.5k for the roof rack and a Thule countour box. This is an entry-level box and in my
humble opinion, was overpriced.What got me was the mark-up and lack of knowledged. The lady who took my order wasn't sure and time was
running out.Perodua, on the other hand, was sketchy about their product. If the box they are selling fits the description, then
its a good price.Anyways, I paid a deposit of RM1.4k today and was told that delivery takes about two days. This buys me
enough time to set up an appointment for the system to be mounted. With the cargo space issues solved, we can travel with a peace of mind. But the drama didn't stop there, the
other shop called and told me that they had taken delivery of the Thule racks.I told them that since they made no effort to call me on the status, I have decided to proceed with my purchase at Perodua. Besides that, they are also giving me an inferior product and was sketchy about the pricing. Since I am running
on a budget, I told them that I have already committed to Perodua.The lady whom I rang up from a 4WD accessory shop in SS2 sounded pissed off. That's just too bad because
she handled the matter poorly.All good things said and done, I can look forward to the trip and enjoy it with the kidz and Mrs Samo.

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