Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What now?

Here's the lowdown: Thule of Sweden (manufacturer of roof racks and boxes) has given Perodua (Second national car manufacturer) the mandate to fuck motorists who use their brand when they sealed an exclusive deal to sell Thule racks and roof boxes.
Today's cellphone call charges may be the highest in my life. Since I found out that there is a boarding
service for dogs in Penang, I am planning to take my dogs there.Now, with the issue of taking dogs with us for our family excursion up North solved, the next thing now, is to
add a roof box to our small car.So, I went to a supplier in SS2. It has been month since I left my contact number there and no feedback. I
decided to drop by during lunch and found out that nothing is being done.I called Thule's showroom in Ikano power centre and was told that Perodua has taken over the sales of
their Thule roof racks.To get more info, I had to call Perodua's service centre in Glenmarie, Shah Alam. Earlier in the day, I
called Perodua and they've denied doing so.Then, I called their service centre and one of the staff there told me that he would get back to me on the
matter.Later, he called and confirmed that they indeed have the items in stock. But now, pricing became a big
factor.Earlier at the first dealer, I was told that the complete set costs around RM2,350. At Perodua, those
motherfuckers are selling it at RM2,727. After all good things said and done, I would have to decide. With the incompetent dealers around,
Perodua has the upper hand...

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