Friday, January 9, 2009

The Grinchskies gets their 2009 doggy licences...

Sir Naughty waiting for his turn to be consulted by the vet

The coonkid getting her ass poked with a thermometer

Took the kidz to the vet today. Their annual dog licence is due and the only way I could renew them, is to get a 7-in-1 vaccination done. Its one of most affordable around to keep the kidz out of harm's way.
So, at about 11am, I drove them to the vet. Its never easy handling two Siberian Huskies - especially when you have an Alpha and an Omega.
They were excited with the car ride, but its a short one. Once we got there, I prepped them for their jab. The girl was first. She was very calm. 
My boy, on the other hand, was edgy. He growled at the vet and whined after she jabbed his ass with the needle. 
Then, I dropped them back at home and headed straight for the local council office.
I can't believe that I wasted nearly four hours for my turn. When I got my number (4460), the counters were serving 4313. 
So, I wasted no time. Went to Taipan USJ for lunch. And well, a costly one too. Had some Indian food - mostly vegetables and some pieces of fried chicken.
When I was done, I walked back to the council office. The current running number was 4379. When my turn was up, it took no more than 10 minutes for the counter person to issue me two new dog licences.
After that, I headed straight to the supermarket to buy some food for dinner. I was supposed to head to KLCC, but by the time I left the council office, it was way past three o'clock in the afternoon.
And best of all, it rained like mad. I had to brave the rain to drive home. And when I reached the gate, the kidz were already waiting.
They got drenched! Took me a coupla of minutes to get them organised and set up the new dog tags. Tomorrow, we are going for a hike in Broga, an hour's drive from where we live.

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