Friday, January 30, 2009

Stomach flu...

I think Michelle and I had been stricken with stomach flu. We had breakfast and packed lunch yesterday and the symptoms started showing that very night.
My wifey vomitted and had the runs. I was fine today until late in the afternoon, I too had showed some strange symptoms.
I was lethargic and felt kinda weak. But to push on with the day, we went shopping for food and retrieved the ASTRO decoder from the cable TV's appointed service centre.
We learned that the decoder was ready in three days. But it took us nearly one and a-half months to get it back because the sales person did not call me.
The girl who manned the counter said she called a few times. That was a lame excuse because her calls never came through.
She sounded like an East Malaysian and well, having heard her excuses, I guess native folks have better buck up if they ever want to compete in the real world.
Later, Michelle rang up ASTRO and gave them a piece of her mind. Our decoder was out for a month and the bill kept on coming. 
Like I said earlier, the collection of monthly fees was outsourced, so, its no surprise if you get an asshole over the end of the phone line using a 'private' number to get through to you...
Anyways, its gonna be a long-long week ahead. We can wait for the fucking ASTRO to be re-connected again.

私のwifey vomittedし、実行していた。私は今日の午後遅くまで、私も変な症状を示していた一部の罰金だった。 
私が言ったように、毎月の料金の収集、委託されたので、その場合は当然まで取得するには、 ' 'プライベートコードを使用して、電話回線の最後には嫌な奴になる... 

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