Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quick thinking

And I thought it was an easy day. So, naturally, I took things rather lightly. When I came in for work early in the
morning, there was a sheet of paper with instructions on it.What to do, which stories to assign and where. Easy. So, the first half of the day was rather slow. And when
things started to take shape, the alarm bells rang.I knew that a short story with pictures as big as half the page was used - I am toast. First, I will be publicly
humiliated by the guy chairing the evening meeting (to decide what news goes where).This is video-linked with Penang. The humiliation was my least worry. Its the shortage of time and re-designing of
the pages that would pile up. So, after seeing the follies and with one and a-half hours to spare, I sat down with the DTP artist to re-work the
pages. There were photos to yank out, reduction of image sizes, stories to add on for a 'clean' page. I anticipate being
ass-raped by the guy in charge and my worse fear is that he is a good layout person.Wity my spider-senses tingling, changes were made on the spot. It took the artist about 30-minutes to exact the
changes as I added three more stories to pages 2 and 3.I wanted a clean and 'tight' appearance before presenting the pages to the guys on topside. And when it was
ready, I was 10-minutes behind schedule.Nevertheless, I braved it and showed the page dummies and to my worse fear, the number two man in charge
was manning the show.He saw the page one layout and paused. Commented on the heading that didn't tally with the photo and made
suggestions for changes.On the other pages, he didn't say much about the layout. Half the battle was won with enough time to spare for
the changes to be made and pages to send out.I exited the meeting room with a sense of accomplishment as there weren't much changes to be made.
Immediately, I briefed the chief sub and went on to work to correct the pages.By 7pm, it was all over. We will live to fight another day.

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