Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh what a morning..

My phone extension rang and the voice on the other end of the line is one I dread the most. Calvin from
Life Long Learning called.I marked him in my shitlist. This is one bugger who talks down to people and the way he says things is as if
I owes him a living.The partnership with LLL is simple: its our subsidiary company. What do they do? Organise workshops
and talks.I don't mind the assisting part, but when someone you hardly know speaks in a tone which is imposing and
domineering, things are not going to go down well.Well, that's just how my morning started. The rang up and said: "Turn to page 8.." Then I said: "page 8.."
His reaction was: "Aiya, own paper also don't know what is going on ah?".With such a remark, he turn on my destructive mode. I fucked him and told him that it's common sense for
any organisers to announce their event by leaving their contact info.This moron did nothing. He expected me to call him and check with him. "Aiyah, I very kancheong mah!",
he said.That blew my top. Just because he got fucked from his boss for the omission, I had to bear the brunt of
things. I told him that the only damage control that can be done, is to put in an announcement piece. He assumes
too much and expects a lot. After giving him what's worth, that bugger had switched to distress more. "Help lah.. Please..". I hate
whining turds like that. But seeing as it is, there will be no end to this until the bugger gets fired.

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