Saturday, January 31, 2009

A small family emergency

My wife complained that her right eye was blurry. She couldn't see anything. Alarm bells rang and I got her to two of her regular clinics that were closed.
Having thought far and wide, the best thing to do, is to head straight to an eye specialist. This took us to the Tun Hussein Onn eye hospital.
When we got there, the crowd was already swelling. Lucky for us, Michelle was a patient there. 
And the agonising wait began. She got treated by noon where most of the crowd had dissipated. 
The eye specialist told her that the blood vessels in her right eye were blocked. Her pupil was dilated for a closer inspection.
All that wait, we only managed to leave the hospital by 2pm and had late lunch in Jaya 33. 
At the same time, we got her watch batteries replaced. That said, she has a follow-up appointment in three month's time.

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