Thursday, January 29, 2009

Penang - Part 3

Picking up the kidz from boarding...

Leaving Penang

Lunch on the move

Break time 

Our sleepy pooch..

The alarm bell rang and well, this marked our last day in Penang. Its amazing that so far, we've survived two nights in the Pearl of the Orient with our dogs.
Seems that the kidz behaved very well at their boarding home. After loading up our gear, we set off to Tg Bungah. 
Our plan was to have breakfast in the locality before picking up our dogs. We found a wet market and a coffee shop located within the vicinity of the boarding home.
We packed some lunch and had breakfast in a coffee shop. And since it was the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, the eatery was packed to the brim.
Michelle and I shared some kari laksa, hokkien mee and char koay teow. After filling up, we went to the boarding home.
Our kidz were excited to see up. Queenie was barking to greet us and after saying good bye to Kim, the owner, we set off to the mainland.
The drive took about 30-minutes and the first thing we did, was refuel the Husky mobile. From Penang, we made a pit stop near Simpang Pulai. The dogs were given their walks and were anchored on a tree. 
We had lunch and took a 20-minute break before hitting the road. The drive was pleasant as traffic was really heavy. 
Our drive from Penang took nearly five hours as we made our approach to Subang Jaya. The weather in the Klang Valley was wet and humid as it has been raining. 
I for one, am glad to have completed my mission. Michelle too was happy that the kidz was able to make it on the road trip to Penang. 
Way I see it, there will be plenty more adventures in store and Penang is definitely on our visit list in the future.

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