Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bangkok Dangerous

Bangkok Dangerous. Yes, I saw it yesterday after feasting on dinner.It stars Nicholas Cage, some Thai guy and Hong Kong singer/actress Charlie Young. On a scale of 1 - 10, I'd
rate the flick 6 for its storyline and cinematography.As for the action, well, I think the Pang brothers who directed this can do better. Nick Cage had put on a brilliant
performance as a heartless killer seeking salvation in Thailand. Charlie Young, who had a big part in the flick as a deaf and mute lead actress had pulled it off. She does look
Thai in a way.The chase scenes in Bangkok Dangerous is kinda cliche'd and the only part I like, is a scene where Joe the killer
(Nick Cage) went to drown a notorious gang leader. There is a scene of a topless chick which wasn't censored. On the whole, this is a 'watch and forget' movie and frankly, the local company that bought the rights to distribute
the film in Malaysia didn't do a high quality transfer to DVD. So, the resolution quality sucks! I am looking forward to catch 'Wanted' this weekend..

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