Thursday, January 22, 2009

The interview...

It took me almost a week to set up an interview with Selangor police chief DCP Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar.
We have never met and this is the first time in six years I've conducted an interview with a high ranking police officer.
My last stint was in Johor with Tan Sri Musa Hassan who was the Johor state police chief back in 2003.
On Wednesday, I received a phone call from DCP Khalid's personal assistant, and after consulting my boss, I confirmed the appointment at 2:30pm today.
Last night the desk had a social session and I didn't want to drink too much. After securing the interview, I prepared my questions which was faxed to the CPO's office earlier. 
When I got to his office this afternoon, I was greeted with a smile. The man is one of the nicest high-ranking cop that I've met so far.
He took the questions and ran through it one by one till our session ended about 30-minutes later. 
DCP Khalid gave me some insights in the gang issues plaguing the state and provided information on them
I found his wit and humour pretty impressive. Later, I took off and headed home to file in the cover story which is expected to see print on Saturday.

セランゴール州警察署長は、ほぼ1週間DCP Datukカリドアブバカルとのインタビューを設定してくれました。 
私の最後のスティントでジョホール州タンスリムサハッサンでは、ジョホール州警察署長は、 2003年に戻っていた。 
20日には、私は、 DCPハリドの個人秘書からの電話を受け、私の上司と相談したうえで、私は今日午後2時30分の予定を確認した。 

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