Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hike up Broga Hill

At the hill peak with the kidz

Mrs Samo with Sir Clifford McNaughty, last of the Polar explorer wannabe

Taking a breather before the final push to the peak

The Coonkid clearing an obstacle

At the beginning of the trail

We got up at 6am this morning. I was excited with the prospect of taking the kidz out on a real adventure. This time, with an old friend Sheik Eng Meng.
I first met him four years ago when I went to cover the Chivas Elephant Polo tournament in Hua Hin, Thailand. Recently, we rekindled our ties and I noted that he had been actively pursuing some of the trails within Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.
One of it is the Broga hill, some 45-minutes away from our home. The drive took nearly an hour and the kidz were very edgy. My boy pooped at the first break. We were already near the trail head.
After gearing up, we hiked about 50-minutes. The first stage of the trail was a relaxing one, but as we hit the path to the peak, it was nearly vertical. 
The boy had exhausted himself and was panting all the way, and during the last push, I had to grab him and with a final shove, we reached the first clearing on top of the hill.
This is one of the nicest trail around with a scenic view of Broga and the fringe of Semenyih. After hanging out at the peak for nearly an hour, we decided to ascend.
The journey down was strenous to both our dogs and us. Nevertheless, we paced ourselves and managed to get past two obstacles along the way.
Back at the trail head, I thank Mr Sheik for his generosity and for showing us the way. Now that we know this place, I am looking at more adventures with the kidz and Mrs Samo.

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