Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Needs help!

Well I'll be damned! Just when I thought the day was smooth, a caller rang up to say that his wife was
detained by some store security folks at Jaya Jusco in Puchong."I want to put this in the paper! My wife did nothing wrong!", he said. The man, who was very emotional,
said he will lodge a police report.He insisted for publicity. I told him that I can't help him on such a case and put down the phone. Not
satisfied, he rang up again and gave me a mouthful.So, I transferred his call to the newsdesk. This is a petty thing and blowing it out of proportion may not end
up well for the guy and his wife.Now, obviously, if she had done nothing wrong, there is no fuss. The one thing I noted all this while is that
Indian folks do get highly emotional.That alone, was an alarm bell. Next, the guy was in the height of his emotional breakdown, his voice
started to go out of pitch and he was screaming. Another warning sign.The danger is this ; if I allow one to get through, a couple of thousand will ring up and demand 'justice'. The
newspaper is not an avenue to air such greviences.

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