Monday, January 19, 2009

Early bird

When you work long hours, your time at home is really short. Every minute and hour counts as you take your
much needed rest to prepare for work the next day.This morning was slightly different. I woke up at 5:30am and hit the shower. By 6:00am, I was alread in the
kitchen preparing a light breakfast.Nowadays, my liquid diet is an oatmeal drink. Its flavoured and sweetened. I would only take it that way. By the
time my wife was down at the dining area, it was already 6:15am.Our dogs came into the house and as usual, the boy would clamour for attention. My wife gave me the remainder
cash to pay up for my Perodua MyVi's roof rack and box system. It was my birthday gift and I am very grateful for that. So, at 6:30am, I left home. The traffic was unusually heavy in
the early morning.From USJ 26, it took me nearly 25 minutes to clear Persiaran Tujuan and down to the Federal Highway. It was
already choking with traffic and by 7:20am, I am at my desk preparing my daily report. I love the advantage of time. Besides me, there is another early bird. Its the annoying old fart who mans the
regional pages. He comes in daily at 8am but work is only done at 11am. The rest of the day, my friend will be watching videos
on his computer, facebooking, chatting and doing all sorts of things except work.To my surprise, this deadbeat got away with it. Well, thankfully, he is retiring this year, so, good riddance to bad

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