Saturday, January 17, 2009

Otherwise, it was a good day...

The damage...

I went to KLCC today with my wife to get her filofax refill. It was an unusually hot day and the weather was great.
Enroute to the destination, we made a detour to USJ 4 for late breakfast. The prawn noodles we had was excellent.
When we got to KLCC, it was already mid-noon. We spent about 45-minutes there and drove back to USJ.
It was a long drive because we took a longer route. Our intention was to head to a new shopping centre at USJ 19. 
At the time the road was jammed up with cars. The school in this area was having extra classes to replace their Chinese New Year holidays. 
As I was turning into Persiaran Subang from Persiaran Kewajipan, I heard a knocking sound. 
On my left, I can see a metallic blue car, just inches away. My vehicle had moved into its path. 
Initially, I couldn't move my Myvi, then with a little bit of effort, I freed my car. I can see a woman waving her hand in the car, I pulled over, about 10metres away.
After getting down from my car, I noticed that there were little damage on it. The lady's car bumber was sticking out. 
She argued that I banged her car and her son had fallen off the passenger seat. I didn't hear any braking and when I saw her car, she didn't stop.
So, I told her to take down my car number and claim insurance. The damage was not serious.
She said she had to change a new front bumper. I told her that if she felt that way, she can speak to my insurance person.
The lady also asked for my ID number and Driver's licence. I said no. "What if this is not your car?" I told her to take the number and the insrance will take care of the rest.
Then, I checked out the new mall. I wasn't in a mood at all to say the least. After a breif stop, we went the USJ 8 police beat and was told that all traffic accident reports must be lodged at the SS17 police station. 
So, Michelle and I headed there and spent about 20-minutes. I wrote down the report in Malay.
The duty Sargeant said since I took the outer lane, I was in the wrong. "You may have to pay a fine if the other party lodges a police report to claim insurance," he said.
I told him that it was allright. There was no point arguing over spilt milk. I gave the lady my cell number as a courtesy. 
I would not give her cash because I don't have much. So, since I paid insurance, she can deal with them.
The incident may have ruined a couple of hours of my day, but I guess, accidents do happen. I was unlucky because I couldn't prevent it. 
All things said and done, nobody was hurt. So, in the days to come, I'll have to see how my luck would hold up.

Here's the version in Chinese:

这是一个长期驱动器,因为我们在较长的路线。我们的意图是为了到一个新的购物中心在日本环球影城19 。 
正如我正在变成Persiaran梳邦从Persiaran Kewajipan ,我听到了敲门声。 
最初,我无法移动我的Myvi ,然后一点点的努力,我释放了我的车。我可以看到一个女人挥舞着她的手在汽车,我靠边停车,大约10metres消失。 
这位女士还问我的身份证号码和驾驶执照。我说没有。他说: “如果这不是你的车? ”我告诉她采取的数量和insrance会照顾其他。 
责任Sargeant说,自从我在外线,我是在错误的。 “你可能必须支付罚款,如果另一方当事人递交警察报告,索赔保险, ”他说。 

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