Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Announcing the arrival of the Big Four-O!

"Paging Mr Samo, please collect your birthday suit from the service counter..."
Yes, today, I am 7hours:41minutes:05 seconds old. What most guys with one foot in the grave fear, is a visit from father time who came knocking on my door and gave me a list.
It starts with grey hair, inevitable hair loss, wrinkles, low sex drive, no more raging hard-ons in the early morning, pain, aching joints, blurry eyes, fading hearing, bla-bla-bla and bla.
Jokes aside, the big Four-O has arrived. Forty years of existance. Personally speaking, its a personal achievement for me.
I lived that long and will continue to do so if God is willing. I woke up this morning and my soulmate wished me: "Happy Birthday".
Being groggy and all that, I muttered: "Umm..ghhh..." Birthday or no birthday, I've got to start my engine and head straight to work.
We celebrated last night with a dinner at a local Tex-Mex restaurant. I treated my wife to a juicy piece of steak. And it was good.
Way I see it, when you have a forty year old stomach, its harder to digest red meat. So, from now on, I don't see steaks as a regular thing on my eat list.
And being a year older, the regiment is having oats for breakfast every morning. Less fatty food, if I can avoid it. Hahahaha!
My first mission of the day as a 40-year-old, is to beat the traffic. And with the advantage of time (at 6:15am, most people are still in slumber) I had smooth drive to the workplace.
A birthday wish come true. Speaking of celebrations - well, for starters - birthdays has never been a big thing to me.
The past one and a-half decade of my adult life, this auspicious day was noted and kept in low-profile. No presents, surprises or pre-planned parties.
My gift for this year is a loving wife and two healthy dogs. And a roof rack system, a pending purchase of the Canon powershot G-10, some knives, possibly a new Eagle YOTE pack and etc, etc, etc... Hee-hee!
I am happy to be alive, glad that my efforts had bore fruits. And with a few good years ahead, barring sudden death, a crippling injury or getting fatally crushed by a falling piano while walking the pavement, I am going to live the remaining years of my life fruitfully.
Yes, more adventures with Mrs Samo and the Grinchskies, more jungle bashing, and well, more knives and gear.
The drinking and over eating part, well - time to ease up a bit. No trip to the operating table will be worth it. So, moderation is my theme this year and hopefully, in the years to come!