Monday, March 2, 2009

The joy of early morning traffic

Ah! Just when I thought that an alternative route was the best to get to work fast, I was dead wrong.
The Puchong - Damansara highway is one of such and as the rule of thumb dictates: better leave home before 06:30am because this is the BEST time EVER to beat ANY traffic congestion.On the average, I spend about an hour or more to get to work.
This daily crawl is routine from my home to the workplace.Today, it took me nearly an hour to clear the LDP toll booth.
Each trip costs RM3.20 on a single-journey. The usual route is from Persiaran Kewajipan via Persiaran Tujuan through the Federal Highway and the LDP.
There is no cost to use this road but its heavily jammed up. Vehicles cutting queue and idiot drivers who don't know their lane designation made it a nightmare.
I can't say much about the trip home and usually, I would use the NKVE highway that costs RM2.80 on a single journey.
While others are feeling the crunch, I don't see how the situation will improve as I am majorly fucked from day one I use the routes.
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