Friday, March 27, 2009

Canon EOS 500D

Another quarter drawing to a close this year and Canon Camera had rolled out their latest beginner's market
digital single lens reflex camera - the EOS500D.This much anticipated photographic equipment boasts of some new features such as HDMI output, a new
15-megapixel CMOS sensor and its DIGICIV processor.So, its no wonder why Canon is dumping the EOS450D which is the 500D's predecessor. It should take about
six months to a year before this camera is released in Malaysia and the fun part is to wait and see.Retail price for the 500D is at USD$850 (RM3200) which puts it as a contender to the Nikon D60. Not only that,
Canon has also announced their Speedlite 270EX which I think, answered the call of many digital camera users
who wants a compact and versatile flash.
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