Monday, March 16, 2009

The fast and the ruthless

I was driving home and spotted a couple of Ferraris pulling over by the highway. In it, there were a few old guys, probably in their mid-50s. Who are they? My guess was they were probably drug dealers, rapists or murderers.Way I see it, rich guys can never get enough, their habit is like a drug, they rape the poor to feed their addiction and murder other folks who get in their way.Ambition it seems, if cranked up way too tight, can be a pain. The question that lingered in my mind was: "Where the fuck they get so much money?"Similarly, I see kids driving fancy sports car on the road. Their parents probably slogged like slaves to put a roof over their heads.Maybe the sportster was a birthday gift, which is way too oppulent. Society as I see it, is getting from bad to worse. The rich gets richer and poor gets fucked and there are few middle-class folks.If you earn a decent living, there's no way you can afford at RM500,000 car, put it on the road and maintain it. Where cash is king, corruption is culture and money is power, the rich, well, mostly corrupted motherfuckers who earn from ill-gotten gains - will squeeze the poor to support their lifestyle.
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