Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Strider MK1A

Fuah!!! Those Striderguys did it again and this time, they got it right.I am talking about their proven field knife the MK1A. This time round, they used the EB-fashioned G-10 handles
with the unmistakeable 'Gunner Grip' handles.When I saw the pix posted on http://www.tadgear.com/, I creamed in my pants. No shit. In our humid weather,
Japanese styled cord-wrapped handles on knives could not hold. Not even compressed leather.Things breakdown with the humidity and one of the toughest thermoplastic known to mankind is the G-10. This is
also used to line nuclear reactors.And as a rule of thumb, any G-10 scales used on knives will push its pricing to a premium. Now, back to the
MK1A, I'd say that this is a 'must-have' piece for any jungle bashers.It's tough and built to last and if you break it, the Striderguys will replace it unconditionally. That's what I like about
them despite the bad rap and slander thrown on them by their competitors.
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