Sunday, March 15, 2009

Death Sentence

Sunday nights are for the movies!And last nite's offering on Star Movies was exceptional. I wanted to get the DVD for a flick shown at 10pm, but I guess ASTRO had beat me to it.Was flipping through the remote control last night and found that 'Death Sentence' is up on the prime spot. This means staying up late and well, it was worth every minute and hour!It stars Kevin Bacon as an executive who witnessed the murder of his eldest son. I found out later that the story was written by the same guy who penned the 'Death Wish' series starring Charles Bronson.Kevin Bacon's good acting had me glued to my couch. He played a convincing father who was tormented by the death of his son who was killed during a gang initiation ceremony.The storyline was similar to the Death Wish series and well, I kinda enjoyed seeing the gang members getting whacked one-by-one.And to my surprise, the film was directed by Kuching born James Wan. He directed the horror series 'Saw' and well, I'd say that he's done a good job with the movie...
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