Monday, March 16, 2009

Lousy travelling companions

I've had a smooth morning.School holidays meant I can leave home later than the usual without experiencing traffic. And when I got to work, I
was doing good time.First order of the day was a routine report on the story count. The more, the better. This is followed by my
ritualistic trip to the canteen where I have my breakfast - an alfalfa sandwich and vegetable salad.Since I reduced my rice intake, I've been managing my weight below 100kgs. Need to reduce more as the
doctor said that less body mass meant lower blood pressure.But this changed later in the morning when I corresponded with my wife over facebook's chat software. She told
me that all is well at her end. Michelle is in Texas on a working trip and conference.I think this year has been good on her as she travelled frequently around the region. Then, she mentioned about
her business partner who brought his family along.This is one fellah to takes advantage of people for his own gain. His host had to bend over to his will. Its usual for
the partner to extort freebies and when I heard about what he had demanded from the host, my blood pressure
soared.Way I see it, this is the kind of person that would drag you along with him if shits hits the fan. He is not afraid to
ask and shamelessly demands for favour.I know this because I have followed my wife on her company trips. Twice, I became their forced labourer. And
when I had enough, I stood my ground by saying that in any future company excursions, they can draw a line
across my name.I am not interested and had never meddled with my wife's business. I respect her call and the only concern that I
have, is that her reputation may be ruined by her retarded business partner.This year alone, Michelle is going to the US twice. I have a break in September at the Vegas Suspect Gathering,
she wanted to come along. That will be her third visit. Way things are going, maybe the trip would not take place. And since this is our fifth year of marriage, I have to
cook up something...
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