Sunday, March 1, 2009


I never thought I'd see the day. The piece of shit who gave me so much problems and his chronies were shown to the door. After leaving the
journalism fraternity, this guy was given a high post in a public relations company.And as this year is a year of drastic change, the very lifeline that funds his business was cut off. So, he resigned
to his fate.For a journalist, I saw the worse being brought out from this former bureau chief of the Singapore Straits Times.
He has no personality and writes like how old people fuck. Through association with the Prime Minister's business buddy, this guy came in with blazing saddles and
became a sloganist.He, together with a few other 'resurrected' ex-journalist were given the important task to revamp a dead product.
You can fool some, but not everyone. In his reign, he wrote some really obvious kiss-ass editorials on the powers that be. It was so blatant, people had
lost faith in the product.But seeing as it is, the said guy and his chronies had lived in denial. More than often, giving each other
self-praise. And I thought the previous regime was bad, this is worse. But as time progresses, each one of them got plucked
out from the scene - one-by-one.The last to leave was the sorry excuse of a human being who took up a Deputy Editor post. Now, the man and
his buddies will face the ultimate humiliation - defeat.If there's any salvation, that would be starting all over again. I bet his rich chrony will offer a bail out. So, moral of
the story is : the higher you climb, the harder you fall.
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