Monday, March 9, 2009

Another new joint

I received a phone call this afternoon inviting me to the 'VIP' party at a fast food outlet. 
It's their second in town and well, to be frank, their food sucks. Since the outlet's operations manager is a good friend of mine, I thought why not just pop by and say hello, pay my respect and fuck off.
I did just that with a co-worker of mine and when we got there, it was packed to the brim. The restaurant was entertaining their suppliers and supporter. 
There was a media table, so I signed up and left my calling card. A big mistake. Then, I tried to look for a place to sit, but the eating place was crowded. 
They had some white folks from the States over serving food and drinks. There was a buffet table and some cold cuts strewn all over the table as if some cow had just puked. 
I saw that the crowd was purty fake and well, since we can't get a table, and not wanting to look like hungry beggars - I decided to bug out. The kidz need to be fed and I have to send my co-worker home.
Its convenient timing. And well, just when I was walking out, my cellphone rang. "Where are you Mr Sam? I want to introduce you to our VIP."
"Oh, I am walking out, going home," I replied. "Then, where is your photographer?", he said. "What photographer? I didn't come to work, I just dropped by to say hello and fuck off." That was the end of my conversation.
Bubba Gump Shrimp and Co, in my humble opinion, has a long, long, way to go. I hate shrimps for starters, their prices are horrible and their food are totally junk. 
No disrespect to the ops guy, that's the truth. With times like these, I better keep my money and eat elsewhere.
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