Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday, Sunday, Monday..

As far as Saturday was concerned, it was a PR session with the in-laws. I spent half the day resting at home, hanging out with the kidz, taking them for their overdue walks. It was great.
Hanging out at home meant I don't have to spend.Sunday, the kidz got their bath and de-ticking session. I also cleaned up the house and as both of them were
shedding, the vacuum cleaner was working extra hard.I also took off to the Giant Hyperpart in Putera Heights to get some lamb chops and sausages. During the
shopping session, I bought two food serving trays and covers including a set of things. This allows me to store the warm food and serve it professionally. No need to get extra big places or a seive to
cover the cooked food. The coming Sunday, I'll be meeting up with members fo the Husky club. One of the owners had lost her pup
recently due to poisoning. Its a tough time for her. Way I see it, the best policy is not to make any enemies. At home, our kidz were never
left unsupervised when I took them out.In the light of two recent cat killings, I fear for my gurl. There are simply too many stray cats around. All we need to
do, is to lay low.On Saturday, my wife is coming back from he US trip. In May, she shoots off to the states again. Till then, April
will be another month of laying low. And yeah, more expenses going out as my vehicle road tax expires. The Myvi is going to turn three next month. So far so good, its been giving me excellent service and great
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