Monday, March 16, 2009

The columnist

Not so long ago, if you are a column writer in a newspaper or any periodical, you will be looked upon with respect by your readers.
Well, these days, literally anyone can become a columnist. Since the Press covers a wide range of topic, you will find serious articles about the economy and politics right down to wankers indulging in mental masturbation.
Back in the days when I was with the country's oldest newspaper, the most important pages - editorials written by leader writers were dotted with some intelligent opinions qualified with educated arguments.
Most of the guys who wrote them are seasoned journalists with years of experience. Well, those were the days.
I saw the decline in quality as well as credibility in the articles as the years goes by.
Why? Because the good writers had either moved on, or crossed into the netherworld.
I witnessed as third-rate writers were given the task to host their own columns - usually arguing about cut and paste issues.
They lacked the experience and usually came out empty. I've stopped reading their articles based on their poor command of the issue and language.
Now, to rub salt into the wound, the oldest newspaper in the country invited teenagers, retirees, former corporate dictators and wannabes to pen their own column.
Even a junior reporter with less than a year's experience were given a column. And what do they write about?
Pure unadulterated cocka-mimi shit.You'll find the writer indulging in mental masturbation, talking cock and singing songs while they play mahjong.
More than often, they argue like schoolboys on topics they least understand and some were so dumb, you loose interest after reading the first line.
What makes things worse are columnists that are spaced out. They write on issues as if they were observing it from another planet.
With that in mind, the nobility of being a columnist had lost its lusture. But having said that, there are at least a few who are true to their calling - which wouldn't last long as they too are ageing with the prospect of meeting their maker.
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