Monday, March 9, 2009

Osama, Obama and yo momma

I am not a fan of US politics nor I am a follower of any marketing campaign.And I don't dig motivators who ride on a successful Presidential marketing campaign. There was a big hoo-hah
about this white guy who ran Barrack Obama's ticket to the white house and Tiger Beer took advantage of it by
inviting the man behind it to KL for a talk.Among the panel was a former defacto law minister, a newspaper columnist, an assemblyman, a lawyer, a
political blogger who was once my big boss, some folks and I believe, a coupla tyrants who used to head the
corporate sector.Obama made it because the Americans are fed-up. Let's see how he fares over the next coupla years. The
marketing guy is in the picture as a catalyst and now, he is riding on Obama's success by giving talks all over the
world. So, was the session a success? Blogger Suanie T has the lowdown :
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