Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here comes the iphone!

Are you ready for the apple iphone 3G?Not me. I am not even the least excited about the launch of this smartphone which is scheduled late this month.
Telco operator Maxis had tied in with apple Malaysia to sell the iphones from RM1.5k to RM2.4k. Depending on
the call plan, you can choose to have either the 8G or 16G iphone.Throw in the 3G data streaming capability and a host of applications that you don't need, I see the iphone as a
novelty. For the record, the Malaysian itunes store sucks! You cannot download free songs or even album covers for your
ipod and the only thing they sell there, are crappy applications. Speaking of usage, I don't see anything beyond making and receiving calls with the iphone. The yuppies may
have sank their claws on this as a 'status symbol' object.Way I see it, you pay RM2.5k, the phone is not even worth RM25 a piece after 6 months. And Maxis? well, I once
checked out their Blackberry programme which is a total waste of time. How many folks actually make Billion dollar decisions while they are on the go. Only a handful. If you are taken in
for the culture and style factor, then you are looking at a staggering data streaming bill at the end of the month.These things are not cheap and they are definitely not the best. So, the call is yours? Me? Well, I'll just have to sit
and wait and perhaps - have the last laugh when your iphone goes kaputt!
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