Sunday, March 1, 2009

Old is gold

Some folks just fucks up your day.I man the desk every morning and its never short of stupid phonecalls.
Folks that really make my blood boil are retirees and fogies.This morning, a lady rang up to ask for some information.
She wanted to know where she can send some old clothing to Myanmar refugees. The article, she said, was published two years ago.
So, as a standard operating procedure, I asked her where she read about it. The lady said: "Its in the Star".
So, I told her that we have many sections and it would be easier to trace the article if she knows the name of the writer, which section and publication date.
"I don't know that's why I ask you," she responded. My reaction was a simple: "Sorry, I can't help you if you cannot provide me with the basic information."
"Its easy to say sorry. You don't know you job. You never tried hard enough. You are stupid," she said, slamming down the phone.
Well, to illustrate my point, these are the retards that call everyday. Their mission: to ruin your day cos they simply can't help themselves.
Old people always think they are right and can do no wrong. They hide behind their grey hair and wrinkles and if you take pity, you get fucked.
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