Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Some folks have way with words. And when two sentences sounds very close to each other, some confusion may arise. So, who came up with the
'food trail' column first? Was it the Star or the NST? While I was leisurely flipping through the competitor's pages, I came across 'Gourmet Trail'. How original is that?
This page was buried in 'Travel Times', a section which was started to cater for local tourism.And it was created by an ex-Group editor to benefit his chrony. That didn't work out because it was losing more
money that it was supposed to make. Travel Times became a unit on its own after the consulting company which was contracted to run it had gone to
the dogs. Nothing against them cos one of the writer there is a good friend of mine. But ethically-speaking, the editor of
this section should avoid clashing with other publications by using a column with a similar name.
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