Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Formula One season is back..

Ugh! The Formula 1 race season for 2009 is back.Something which I dread because I am not in to motor racing and anything related to cars. Yes, the pit umbrella
girls are hot, but the only thing you'll see on TV - are guys driving in circles for an hour. That's prime time TV and a Billion dollar industry when it comes to licensecing and merchandising rights. You'll
get Formula One stuff at cut throat prices and not to mention - endorsement for watches and other expensive
boy-gear. Since race day is on a Sunday, I better find an excuse to work cos the wife is gonna hog our TV. Races that are
split by time zone difference are the ones that hurts the most. You get the races on Monday night and TV-hogging
goes on and on.I wanted to cull the sports package on Astro, but the wifey insists that we have it because of the Fucking Formula
One. Thankfully, Sunday TV aren't that great, so, the telly-time has to be sacrificed. Way I see it, Formula One is
a fucking waste of time and money. It doesn't benefit me in any way.
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