Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saving planet earth..

Switching off for 60 minutes ain't gonna save the world entirely.And seriously, I don't buy the Earth Hour hype that is going to take place this weekend. Way I see it, the whole
shenanigan is a ploy for certain party to make money.Al Gore made money by telling the whole world the ice caps are going to melt. His 'Incovenient Truth' made
tonnes of money worldwide.And based on what? Stuff that we've already know - reinforced with prophecies of doom. Now, its 'Earth Hour'. I
see plenty of 'celebrity endorsement'. One of the ad I saw on TV was our Space Tourist and a failed race car driver. Both, equally as dumb as they
look, were talking cock about switching off the light. You put two idiots in front of the camera talking about stuff they don't know. Are they going to practice what they preach after the cue to cut was given?
Here's the reality check - you can switch off, but the energy producing plants are going to run no matter what.
Way I see it, if you want to be green, you don't have to show off. The world is going to end someday, and I don't
think I am going to experience that in my lifetime..
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