Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday shoe blues..

I am well-rested and Sundays are usually great to start my working week. Its a light day and with a good plan, I can wrap things up easily. During my lunch break, my wife came over and
fetched me to head downtown.Our plan was to get her steel toe boots. I got some flak for this on Saturday cos I was too lazy to head to the city
centre.Its a mad place to be on Saturday especially with the traffic and unbearable sea of crowd. So, we shot off to the
Red Wing shoe store at Pertama Complex.This is one of the oldest shopping mall in the city which is packed with folks from the lower-income group. Its also
the place where you can get good bargains.I've been wearing Red Wing shoes for more than 10 years and its a great product. But recently, I found the quality
to be lacking. Their molded soles crack after one year of use. Something unheard of with the Red Wing boots that came with
welted soles.Anyways, the put-off here - is the sales staff. The store has been around for 10 years and I found their service
totally sucked! Michelle was happy with her new boots cos she is shooting off to Thailand for a coupla days. I guess for her,
March will come and go in a flash.
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