Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting what you give...

Credibility and accountability are two things you have to stand by if you criticize people.
And its easy to slam a subject of scrutiny when you have an open-ended resource such as the internet.
In cyberspace, people are not what they seem to be.With anonymity, you can whack others under a pseudonym and this got some folks in trouble with the law.
It may be their fault entirely or purely an innocent victim of circumstances.
Way I see it, if you write a blog, you are accountable for your opinion as well as comments by your guests.
You have the mandate to censor thought provoking remarks such as racist slander and threatening statements.
Be what it may when it comes to free speech, but when a statement becomes inciteful with hatred, it can be intrepretated as a threat.
So, the word is: if you are charging into a wall of fire, be prepared to lick the flames. People say the darnest things and for reasons they know best, so, if they got picked by the authority for something they said, they better be prepared to answer and at the same time - shit in their pants.
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